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Sermons & Encouragement

WATCH: This Week's Worship Service/Sermon or a brief "Encouragement" for the day.


Say what the Word of the Lord says. 5/28/20
Two Wrongs don't Make a Right. 6/1/20
The Lord will repay according to his actions. 5/21/20
Fnd Strength when You're Faint of Heart. 5/20/20
The Bible holds the Answers to Your Dilemma. 5/19/29
Come Alive! 5/14/20
God wants us to "abound in love" 5/13/20
Our Calling is to Overcome, not conform. 5/12/20
May 7 Encouragement
May 5 Encouragement
May 4 Encouragement


5/31/20 - What God Did at Pentecost and What He'll Do Today
5/17/20 - Kingdom Values To Live Out in These Last Days
5/10/20 - Mothers and the Child of God's Greatest Need
5/3/20 - How to Live For God In Tough Times
4/19/20 - What's Going On and What To Do During These Perilous Times
4/12/20 - Easter Sunday Drive-In Church